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What is Carie Rx?

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  • Simply put, Carie Rx is a one-stop health and prescriptions ecommerce site!
  • It has an easy-to-use search engine for prescription discounts and health products.
  • Accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies.
  • Get up to 80% off the cash price of your prescriptions. Find great savings on a comprehensive range of health products.

Why do I need Carie Rx?

Did you know...

  • Drug prices are not regulated, so costs vary significantly between pharmacies, even those on the same street.
  • Insurers are putting more of the financial burden of medication on the patient.
  • Many drugs are not included in the insurers' formularies. High deductibles put additional financial strain on patients.
  • It may even be cheaper to buy medication through Carie Rx than to co-pay!


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Using Your Prescription Discount Card

Use Carie Rx's search to find the lowest drug prices at local pharmacies! Download your Prescription Discount Card or add directly to your mobile wallet. Our User Portal helps you manage your prescriptions.

  • Set Prescription Reminders
  • Store past prescriptions
  • Track your Reward and Referral Points

What Can I do with Carie Rx?

Save up to 80% on Prescriptions

Search local pharmacies to see which has the lowest price for your prescription medication

Manage Prescriptions & Set Reminders

View your past prescriptions and set reminders so you never forget to fill a prescription again.

Search by Drug, Condition, or Product

Search for specific medication, or search for your medical condition for information, related products, and related drugs.

Save Money on Health Products

Find great prices on an extensive range of health products and over the counter medication.

A One-Stop Health Shop

All your prescription and health product needs covered with one easy-to-use-online platform!

Earn Rewards!

Earn Reward Points with every prescription filled and purchase made. Redeemable at many of your favorite stores and retailers!

How do I Earn Rewards?

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