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About Carie Rx

Carie Rx is an easy-to-use platform offering huge savings on prescriptions and helping Americans save up to 80% on prescriptions and over-the-counter medication. The price of medication varies significantly between pharmacies, and many patients never realize there are better prices available online than at their local pharmacy. Carie Rx offers online discounts on an extensive range of pharmacy products. We help you find the best prices at pharmacies across the country, so you get the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you need, at a price you can afford.

Information on Medication and Dosages
Carie Rx also serves as an information resource for users. Our website features detailed information on a range of medication and medical conditions. We also provide information on dosages and potential conflicts with over-the-counter meds, keeping you healthy and well-informed about your medication.

Reward Points Help You Earn While You Save
Our Rewards Points program earns you points each time you purchase medication through Carie Rx. Refer friends and family and you can even earn points when they make a purchase through the Carie Rx App. These points can be redeemed for vouchers at over 500 outlets, so you earn rewards while you save!

Save, Share, Earn Rewards with Carie Rx.


How Does Carie Rx Help?

Carie Rx offers a simple way to search online, finding you the lowest prices on a comprehensive range of prescription and over-the-counter medications. With the price of pharmaceutical purchases a growing concern, Carie Rx provides clear comparison of discounted prices for pharmaceuticals, helping patients find the lowest prices for their prescriptions and deals on over-the-counter medications only available online. Simply enter the name of the drug and the location you want to collect it, and find out which pharmacy near you offers the lowest price. Saving money on prescriptions and over-the-counter products could not be easier!

A further benefit to Carie Rx users is access to useful information sources, increasing understanding of the medication and helping flag conflicts between prescriptions and over-the-counter products. If you forget to collect your prescription from the pharmacy, we can also send out a helpful reminder by email or SMS notifying you that your medication is ready to pick up.